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Our goal is to show every church conference on this website. That’s what makes it a valuable website. The down side is it is easy for your event to get lost in the mix. A Featured Listing helps your event stand out from the crowd. 

Modern Church Leader Conference NEW!

October 21-23
Dallas, TX

The Modern Church Leader conference is a new transformative gathering for church leaders.

Sample Featured Listing

A featured listing includes:

  • Listing added to a standout box
  • Logo included in your listing
  • Description to help people better understand your event
  • Call-to-action button

More Traffic For Your Event
As we are growing, we are using paid ads to send traffic to the site. By becoming a featured listing, you are contributing to the collective ad spend to get more impressions for the website. If you can’t afford ads, an ads manager, and all the other expesnes of using paid traffic tools to promote your event, you can benefit from the joint promotional effort here.

We are currently sending 800 to 1,000 targeted (church pastors and staff) clicks to the website per month.

We realize that the more featured listings we have, the less valuable each listing becomes. That’s why we will be limiting the number of featured listings on the site. Once you are in, you have first right of refusal going forward.

The price for a featured listing increase with each additional featured event added to the site (because the space becomes more valuable). The current price for the next event to purchase a featured listing is: $100/mo (with a 1-Year commitment).*

If your event happens mid-way through the 12 month commitment, you can apply the remainder of the commitment to the next year’s event listing.

*Subject to change without notice as we’re communicating with potential featured partners.

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